About Us

Our History

Creative Pipeline is the result of over 20 years professional know-how in animation and video production.

After spending a decade working in professional video production, 3D animation and industrial design, Managing Director, Tim Black brought these three complimentary disciplines together by founding Creative Pipeline. The Creative Pipeline team is applying the same high quality production philosophy and experience to VR/AR, with exciting results.

The CP team approach project development from an Industrial Design perspective. This approach, from a different mindset, aides in the rapid understanding of complex and technical detail and environments and differs to traditional VR/AR, video and 3D animation production philosophies.

It is our job to understand your information and immediately convey this to the audience no matter how complicated the subject matter.

Our Team

Delivery Model


Confidentiality goes hand in hand with the nature of our work.

To understand and tell your story we may need access to confidential information and images. CP has the full gamut of professional insurances including professional indemnity, public liability and full electronic equipment insurances.


We have had the pleasure of working with a number of fantastic community organisations including: