Creative Pipeline has worked across many diverse industries.

Many of these projects are linked in some way by innovative science, engineering and R&D initiatives. Our technology can be applied to any industry and we are always interested in new case scenarios.

We have a range of case studies to draw from across the following industries.


Our visual and multi-sensory technologies sit at the heart of the transformation occurring in engineering which is commonly called Industry 4.0, or the current Industrial Revolution.


We have a long history with the mining sector, and understand mining disciplines and processes.


We have developed proven experiential learning tools that have accelerated learning through creating immersive environments that put trainees at the centre of the action.


We immerse your customers with your products so they can connect and understand their benefits in new ways. With VR at exhibitions, your digital space is unlimited.


We understand microscopic environments, explaining drug action and the complexity of bio-technologies.


Our technologies are suited to defence industry training and simulations, and through our industry partners we guarantee the highest levels of cyber security.